Sunday, July 16, 2006

Depression and How It Affects Our Lives - By Stephen Graham

Depression affects us all during our life time. Some are held in it's grasp to a greater degree than others. Depression can affect our sleep habits, our outlook on life and even our life. It can change the way that we think and act. It can keep us locked within dark places for long periods of time.

Our functioning as human beings can be affected and curtailed by this disease. Genetics plays a role in this malady. Suicide rates are higher in some familles than others. People who suffer from this malady feel as though they are in a big and dark hole . Extricating themselves from the hole that they have dug for themselves is one big problem. Psychiatric help with the use of drug treatment is one viable alternative.

The society that we live in and the problems associated with it greatly contribute to depression. When a spouse leaves or when any other traumatic event occurs can contribute to depression. Most of us do not have the family structure available to handle these situations. We feel as if we are alone and isolated on an island. Many times the affected person can have an established family structure and still be affected by this disease. Whether it be the death of a loved one or the loss of a job, the end results can often times be the same.

Many people that enter depression do not have a viable reason for entering that dark and deep hole. Two people that are affected by the exact same dilemmas can react totally different to the same problem. Some people are not effected by problems that send many others into a life threatening situation. Many people have built in coping mechanisms that derail the onset of depression. Good ways for people to off set the affects of depression is to do something that they enjoy. A vacation or get away may be good for one person but may not be good for another.
Being among people may enhance recovery for some people and send others plummeting into despair. Family members and friends should treat this as a disease and recognize the fact that one usually has no control over the matter without professional help.

Depression can lead to death. A deeply depressed person can not rationalize how to escape his dilemma. Just the act of thinking about his problem is apt to drive him deeper into that depressive state. Rely on professional help and the good sense of family members and friends who can recognize problems in a person that the afflicted may not even recognize himself.

Depression is one of the leading ills that affects modern day man. Many situations may contribute to it. Sometimes it requires no trigger mechanism to initiate the feelings of hopelessness and the feeling that life is not worth living. Those who think this way often rationalize that the best solution to the problems of life is to disconnect themselves from the problem of life. The pain that they have been suffering from would finally end. There is real pain in depression. The thoughts of doom and negativity are sometimes so great that the only solution for a person in a deeply depressed state is to terminate life.

Even though all of us suffer from stress related problems there are answers for many who suffer from extreme depression. There are hot lines set up for many sufferers in crisis type situations. Help is just a phone call away. There is also help for sufferers in the medical community. Maybe a conversation with a representative of a favorite religious community can help turn the torment. Our society recognizes that it has created many of the problems that effect sufferers. There is help out there for those who suffer.

Stephen Graham-Studied and graduated with a degree in Psychology. His writings are based on his life studies.

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