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Suicidal Tendency - Christina Sponias

A lot of our injuries happen when we are least expecting it. We might cut our finger while cutting the bread with a knife, or fall down the stairs because we get distracted by something, even almost lose our life because we cross the street without looking carefully before to see if there is a speeding car coming towards us. So, a series of disasters become part of a routine in our life.
Depending on the severity of the consequences of our inattention, we may even laugh at our stupidity. We simply don’t pay attention to all these accidents if they happen only once in a while, and we believe we are normal people; we may not realize how often they actually occur.
However, these accidents don’t happen by chance or only because we are distracted. Firstly, the fact that we are distracted when we should be very careful, indicates that we don’t have the proper attitude towards serious matters.

Accidents can become a nightmare - they can turn into serious disasters. We better discover their hidden meanings, before they kill us!
People that experience several accidents in their daily life shall not be considered “just a bit vague”. They suffer all the time with many accidents because they have a hidden suicidal tendency.

First of all, we have to consider the characteristics you have from the beginning of your life… Some people seem to adore life. No matter how much they suffer, they are always laughing and trying to be happy. They are often superficial, and usually belong to the extroverted psychological type whose judgment is based on sensations. Other people seem to hate life. They are always afraid and expecting the worst.

People have different psychological types, and each one of us has his own story, full of disappointments, wounds, bad memories, tragic facts and events, besides the joy of some moments and better periods of time. Each one of us has a world inside himself, and a defined psychological type, that induces us to behave in a certain way, based on the psychological function we develop in our psychical sphere.

So, depending on which psychological type a person belongs to, they have a completely different reaction to the same stimulus. This reaction depends also on the personal psychical traumas they have had.

Some people that belong to introverted psychological types for example, are more vulnerable to acquiring a suicidal tendency.

When we see a person that has such a hidden tendency, we have to try to understand why they don’t want to live. Usually they are accepting living under unbearable conditions, or accepting horrible situations, without understanding they have to change and abandon this way of life. They can not accept what doesn’t make them happy without caring about their happiness, and they can not continue to ignore reality forever… There are many problems they may have in their daily life, perhaps during many years repeatedly, that are killing them softly inside. So, their hidden desire is to die, even though they know they can’t actually commit suicide. They don’t accept the idea of a suicide, because that’s what they have been taught. However, deep inside them, they only want to die and abandon forever all the horrors they have to swallow every day… all the problems they know will never find a solution… everything!

This desire is condemned by their human conscience, that’s why is it hidden and appears in an obscured form: it seems to be only a tendency to be negligent.
In fact what happens is that their psyche wishes to die, and they start having strange thoughts, fantasising or dreaming about a sudden death, in which they wouldn’t be the ones that decided to abandon life, everyone and everything, in such a cowardly way.

They start accepting ideas like: “I could easily die if a very simple accident would happen now…”, and “it wouldn’t be my fault…” But these thoughts never create decisive action towards suicide, because their conscience is still alive and not allowing them to accept the act, while pretending they had only an accident.

We never know however who is going to win in the end. Is the human being going to overcome his depression and become healthy and balanced, after winning the battle against the strong tendency to commit suicide, or is this strong tendency going to push him to really kill himself in this hidden way?

My advice is to always consult a psychologist if we’ll observe that we suffer from several small accidents, or somebody else close to us does. The constant accidents are not the result of negligence. They reflect a suicidal tendency, without any doubt.

Perhaps the problem can be solved if we pay attention to what is happening generally in our lives and do something courageous to change the awful situations in which we live, or abandon them. Perhaps the signs of a hidden suicidal tendency will open our eyes to reality and demand from us a serious response.

In the meantime, people that have this problem have to be always very careful, never doing things on a hurry. Until they’ve overcome their problem, they should do things very slowly and always pay attention to what they are doing. It’s better to miss the bus, for example, than to miss a step and lose their lives. They have to allow more to go anywhere, because they can’t run. They are sick, and need to be very careful until they have overcome their depression - when this dangerous hidden suicidal tendency will disappear.

Christina Sponias Chatzidimou

During my studies, I came across Carl Jung’s method of deciphering dreams, which helped me and urged me to continue his research into the unknown regions of our psychical sphere. I set my poetry aside and began to compile my findings. I sought to prove that Jung had discovered the proper method of interpretation of dreams. This exercise actually taught me many things, and I continued to pursue Jung’s research into the analysis of dreams. Learn more at

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