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Healing After The Holidays - How To Keep Cheer In Your Spirits

Healing After The Holidays - How To Keep Cheer In Your Spirits
By Jason Witt

When you receive the Seal, you will feel like every day or at least many days are a holiday. But you may still need to "recover" from the Christmas holidays in 2007 anyway.

When you are sealed, every day can be a holiday. Instead of fewer holidays you have more. That is the kind of joy you will feel when you get closer to God. And when you get the victory over evil.

But you may still have stress during the conventional hoidays, starting with Thanksgiving and culminating with New Year's Day, and of course including Christmas between them.

A big holiday stressor is expectations. You may want this holiday to be "better" than it can possibly be, and you may want to share some of your joy with the other people. You are likely to be let down.

Then there is the financial stress of Christmas. You are probably spending more than you can afford, just trying to be giving. But it catches up with you, especially come January.

And there are also social stressors. You may have goodwill toward everyone but they may not be so goodhearted. When you have to gather with family during the holidays old differences can resurface even when you have not brought them up.

And finally, as you grow older, you will begin to suffer the loss of some of your loved ones. It may especially hurt when your parents die. You have celebrated the holidays with them since you were a child. And now they are gone.

There are some things you can do this season to "recover" from the holidays:

  • Lower your expectations. Enjoy your own holidays throughout the year. Let these conventional holidays be the lesser of the joys

  • Keep your drinking in check. Excessive drinking can cause you to feel remorse soon after. You do not need anything like that bringing you down

  • Watch your spending. Giving is a great spirit to have, but so is responsible management of money. And responsibility is better than recklessness

  • Continue getting enough exercise. Getting active can wash away depression after the holidays like a charm. Once you start exercising again you will soon forget most of your troubles. So do not let it lag, but keep it up!

  • Get some light therapy. Recent research has shown blue light is great for fighting depression. Natural outside light is bluer than most artificial light. And this is good. While you are outside you will be getting a little exercise.

  • Eat right. Go heavy on the protein in the morning. That is the most important time to get it. Lots of protein in the morning is recommended all year round.

  • Eat a balanced diet. Holiday meals are notoriously bad for you. And when you eat a few of them and have leftovers, you can easily slip away from your regular healthy eating.

  • Take some fish oil or flax oil, especially if you feel a little depressed. These oils have Omega 3 fatty acids which studies have shown fight depression. This natural solution can go a long way in keeping you "up."

When you are sealed you will celebrate much more often. You will have holidays on regular days when nobody else has any reason to celebrate. This is because you are close to God and He will share some of His Joy with you.

But you will have to celebrate the traditional holidays with everyone else. And those are the times you need to watch out. You might go into the holidays feeling great, but coming out of the holidays is not as nice.

When you are sealed God will write His Name upon you. Then you will belong to God and He will give you your joy as well as your health. But when the holidays let you down you can always celebrate with God when you receive the Seal.

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