Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Depressed Men - By Eddie Tobey

Men and women can suffer from depression; men are far more likely to hide their depression. This probably explains why far fewer men are diagnosed and treated for depression. Although depression can easily be treated with a variety of methods, men seldom ask for help. First of all, men don’t recognize their symptoms as depression. Men tend to be more competitive and don’t like to admit to weaknesses, no matter what the reason. Men don’t like admitting that they are feeling down, and they don’t opening discuss their feelings with anyone, including family and friends.

Symptoms of depression in men include feeling unhappy, anxious and worthless. Depressed men also seem to have a low energy level and difficulty when trying to concentrate. They may show signs of weight loss and may lose interest in sexual activities. On the other hand, some men gain weight and have extreme sexual tendencies. Family and friends might notice that a friend or loved one is unusually quiet, not able to discuss things, more irritable and always complaining about vague physical problems. They may also note that rather than seek help, men often turn to alcohol or drugs to deal with their feelings. This is disastrous in the long run and usually leads to poor performance at work and behavior that is unacceptable. Their relationships with family and friends also suffer dramatically. Married men who our having marital problems are prime candidates for depression. Unfortunately, the depression only exacerbates the marriage and the depression combined with a failing marriage lead to a vicious circle of unpleasantness.

One of the best treatments for male depression is psychotherapy. Although men find it hard to do, talking about problems and feelings with a psychotherapist seems to work in relieving depression. Other useful tools are to keep active, eat properly, use relaxation techniques and avoid alcohol and drugs. Reading about depression can also help to cope and can give depressed man strength to make important choices like seeking therapy without feeling ashamed.
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