Tuesday, October 25, 2005

The Past Cannot Be Changed, but Today Can. - By Roberta Barnes

Changing ourselves requires deprogramming. Reiki is one of the gentlest, most effect ways of making changes today, which affect yesterday and tomorrow. You might think deprogramming is for cults and wars, but it is most commonly used for the every day brainwashing that often causes depression and physical illnesses. Reiki is Natural Healing for the mind, body, and spirit. You cannot learn any of the many styles of Reiki from a book or video, but in today’s world there are many qualified Reiki Shihans(master/teachers)with an energy and technique lineage back to Mikao Usui,the founder of Reiki.

I will use person X as an example of every day brainwashing. You might find that person X sounds a lot like you. As a young person X was told s/he never listened, always procrastinated, and always wanted ridiculous things. Schoolteachers added to the list of things X did wrong. Then from a spouse it was, you never know what you are talking about, and you never do anything right. From children it was, I wish you were nice like the other kids’ parents, and you never know what is good for anyone. Good things were said to X as well. However, all the negative combined over time can create a block that can harm a person both mentally and physically. Often times these blocks keep a person from enjoying compliments and the good things in life. Physical and mental symptoms that medical doctors say they can find no reason for, sometimes appear as well.

A Reiki Shihan (teacher) or Reiki practitioner never diagnoses or promises a cure, but Usui Reiki Ryoho, heals by balancing and surrounding with harmony. Usui Reiki Ryoho, commonly shortened to Reiki, is the name Mikao Usui gave to the vibration of love and harmony he connected to in 1921. Techniques taught in such styles of Reiki as Gendai Reiki-ho and Komyo Reiki, release the negative from the whole person and fill the void with positive energy. Reiki is not a quick therapy that promises an immediate cure. The negative that has taken years to harm a mind, body, or spirit requires time to release. Multiple Reiki sessions or hours of Reiki training is best. The nice thing about a qualified Reiki Shihan or practitioner is that with Reiki, your actions are never out of your control as with hypnosis, and you never have to be exposed to alcohol or smoke. Reiki does not replace professional licensed medical care, but it can work with conventional medicine as it promotes and speeds healing at all levels.

Humans are said not to have instinctive behavior, but often the imprinted behavior we acquire happens when we are looking the other way. Pulling your hand back from a flame or ducking as an object or a fist comes toward you are learned behaviors to help keep us safe. Unfortunately, some reactions we blend into our everyday life are not helpful to our well-being. If you have ever seen those five simple lines of the Gokai (five Reiki precepts or principles), it might make you think that Reiki is too simple to be good.

Reiki does not require any elaborate rituals or any material objects to give it strength. Love and harmony are very strong energies and the combination is very powerful. Reiki practitioners spend immeasurable hours in study with his or her teacher learning and practicing self-healing and self-growth. A Reiki Shihan(teacher) has gone through at least four levels or degrees in whatever style of Usui Reiki Ryoho she or he practices. Within each of the first three levels of Reiki, numerous exercises and techniques are practiced for self-healing. Then remember that Reiki is the name given to the vibration of combined love and harmony. When all is balanced within you, and you are surrounded by harmony blocks are healed.

Living in Maine, in the United Stated I began by studying styles of Reiki commonly practiced in North America. I then learned the simple yet very strong Japanese Reiki techniques of Gendai Reikiho and Komyo Reiki from Japanese teachers. You can find out more about how Reiki balances on my website at www.naturalhealinglearning.com, and links to other factual Reiki websites.

Roberta R. Banres, Reiki Gendai Reikiho and Komyo Reiki Shihan and practitioner, and Herbalist. Teaching Reiki in her healing room nestled in the trees in Maine or anywhere a group of people has been organized. Through Reiki, herbs, and meditation healing journeys into the past she is dedicated to helping others in the art of well-being. Check out her website at http://www.naturalhealinglearning.com.

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I was looking for blogs about tai chi and came across yours. I have whats referred to as a hard style Karate School and this is something we've been contemplating adding to it. Great blog you have and I've enjoyed reading the posts on it.

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Little addition to the," What Is Reiki?" I recently read on the net. Reiki is the shortened version of Reiki Ryoho the name given to the spiritual practice developed by Mikao Usui in 1922 (20th century). Following three years of Zen studies and a life time of searching for knowledge (he did not go searching for what he named Reiki Ryho nor did he rediscover it) through disciplined meditation he connected to the vibrations of love and harmony of universal energy. Reiki is most commonly let flow through the palms of the hands, but it flows through many other areas as well. Many things have been translated into English, but often while a word translates the actual meanings vary between cultures. I am very lucky to have studied under Japanese Reiki teachers that have lived in Japan all their lives -- even luckier that they traveled to Canada to teach. Energy can neither be created nor destroyed, but changes form. Reiki is a unique form of universal energy, different then the life force of any life form. I was never talked out of seeing the energy fields surrounding life forms so I can see clearly that not only people have a life force energy. As humans we have been blessed with wonderful imaginations, but I urge people to stop and think of the factual history surrounding the spiritual practice Mikao Usiu named Reiki Ryoho in 1922, before believing various stories. Note the first two lines of the Gokai (five precepts or five principles) is actually one concept that is to be without anger and worry (the kind that surrounds things you can do nothing about except loose sleep over). Because anger does not exist in the higher dimensions no worry ever has to be given to if and how any teaching tools called Reiki symbols is/are drawn.
If you would like to check out any more of my thoughts visit my website at http://www.naturalhealinglearning.com