Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Depression Sufferers Cannot Help Themselves - By Donny Lowy

What would the reaction of the media be if it came out that there was a disease that affected millions of people, for which they could not find help?

You would be right in saying that the reaction would be both swift and explosive.

There is a disease which affects millions, and maybe even hundred of millions of people, for which there is no help.

Actually there is help, but the problem is that the sufferers don’t know that they are infected.
This disease is actually depression.

While the medical field has produced many therapies and medications to help those suffering from depression, this help is not reaching many of those who are affected.

The reason this calamity is taking place, is because many people walk through life without realizing that they are clinically depressed.

For this reason, Donny Lowy, has launched www.curemydepression.com.

Many people who are debilitated by depression could be effectively helped, if they only knew that they were clinically depressed.

www.Curemydepression.com offers detailed steps, strategies, and tips, to help provide guidance for those suffering from depression.

Even more importantly, it has articles that explain what the tell tale signs of depression are.

While the site does not give medical advice, it does provide explanations of what depression is, and what can be done to help someone who is depressed.

www.Curemydepression.com also offers guidance for those who might have a friend or loved one who is experiencing depression.

If you believe that the earlier a disease is spotted, the higher the chance of curing it is, then you know that time is of the essence when it comes to helping yourself, or someone you know, who is depressed.

Donny Lowy, who is the CEO of http://www.closeoutexplosion.com, and http://www.wholesalecloseoutforum.com, launched http://www.curemydepression.com to provide educational guidance on the subject of depression.

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