Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Understand the Different Types of Depression - By Justin Meyer

Depression is not a straight-forward thing. There are different kinds with different causes. If you suspect that you are depressed, the first thing to do is examine the cause. That cause will help you to determine what kind of depression you suffer from.

There are different types of depression. The two main classifications are clinical and situational. These are not mutually exclusive – you can suffer from both, but to know which is the primary cause is important.

Situational depression is just how it sounds, depression based on what is going on in your life. Have you just lost your job? Did your girlfriend just break up with you? It's common to be depressed after these events. While therapy would be beneficial here, medication most likely would not.

Are you depressed for no reason? If you have trouble getting out of bed on a daily basis, or you feel down and don't enjoy things that you used to with more frequency, then you might suffer from clinical depression. Clinical depression is caused by changes in brain chemistry and can be treated with medication.

While situational depression is more common, people who suffer from one can frequently suffer from both. What is important is to find the cause and get treated for all parts. Situational depression can frequently exacerbate clinical symptoms.

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