Thursday, February 23, 2006

10 Mistakes That Sabotage Healing - By Mari Moratto

All of us are in need of healing. Perhaps we are mourning the loss of a relationship, or the loss of a loved one (animal or human). Or the loss of our health. Or the loss of a job, or status. Or the loss of a belief, or trust, or faith. Or peace of mind. Any loss will put us in a state of uneasiness or dis-ease.

Dis-ease as the name says is the lack of ease or the absence of well-being, to be more accurate. When we lose our well-being, in any which form it comes, physically, emotionally, psychologically, or spiritually, we grieve. There is loss and we grieve this loss.

Here are the 10 biggest mistakes that sabotage our healing from whatever dis-ease we may be having in life.

1. We don’t acknowledge we are in need of healing
Except for when things are really bad, as with a physical disease that may or may not be fatal, many times, we are not even aware that we need healing. We become the notorious “walking-wounded” hurting everyone else we meet.

2. We don’t take time for ourselves
We pretend that nothing has happened or we suppress our hurt and live life as if nothing happened. We don’t acknowledge that we need time out to recoup and make a plan of action.

3. We don’t make a plan
When we are aware that we need healing, we seek and follow the advice of others and many times we don’t even know exactly what we need to do to feel better. We don’t write our objectives and we plan a strategy to reconnect with our perfection.

4. We don’t live in the present
We regret what we did in the past and become anxious about the future, creating greater stress for our mind and body. We forget to live in the present, not knowing that a good present will determine an outstanding future.

5. We don’t forgive
We hold eternal grudges about people, events, and circumstances, including ourselves, thus preventing peace of mind and freedom.

6. We think in the negative
Our mind chatters negativism, as usual, thus deepening our struggles. We don’t realize the importance of positive thinking to better our life.

7. We don’t shut the nay-sayers
Especially when we have critical or chronic illnesses, we keep hearing from other that we will never get well, and worse, that we will die, and we keep listening to them because we trust they know better than we do, which is a grave mistake.

8. We don’t do spiritual work
Just when we need to go deep into our spirituality, we forgo our evolutionary process and delve into the physicality of life. We pray for the wrong outcomes.

9. We don’t wish for perfection
We wish for everything but not for the perfection of the solution to our problems, thus creating even worse case scenarios for ourselves.

10. We don’t expect miracles
We forget that miracles happen every day and many times we give in just when it is our turn to manifest them. We give up hope.

What will you do to feel better?

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