Friday, February 17, 2006

Diagnose This - By Stormy Gale

The Gift of Forgiveness. It is a gift that Blesses You.

I am sure that someone has traveled down a similar road as mine. For those that have not found their way, here's my hand reaching out to yours. There is an answer that awaits you. I am honored to be able to "Lead" you to the other side. Depression or suicide is not an option once you near the end of this journey with me.

Anybody that hurts can be set free! Your chains can be broken and the pages of your life can be wiped clean. God is able to walk backwards and forwards throughout the pages of time concerning your life. He is not constrained by calendars or clocks.

If you keep looking back in hate, your heart will turn as hard and as cold as stone. But You can allow God to go back, right into your painful past and correct and restore to you what the enemy has robbed. Let him do it for you. Your reward is so much greater than the unforgiveness and bitterness that await you.

My prayer is that each and every one of you will be set free. I'm not anymore special than you are and God loves you no less than He does me. What he did for me, he can and will do for you.

Let me hear a testimony of your metamorphosis. With your permission, I plan to include it in another book, about you and your recovery.

Day after day of continually flipping through the channels on the TV, I have been bombarded with a barrage of unthinkable stories, and acts. I noticed that some of the talk shows thrive on exploiting hundreds and hundreds of poor souls. These are people that have encountered the worst that life has to throw at them; People that just haven't got a clue who to turn to nor what to do about their own abuse. The one common denominator that I gathered was, "Here's my trash and the trash of my loved ones ... I've exposed them! Now I can go on about my life!"

This only contributes more to the ... Insanity. Those that are in the same situations get the message that they too should appear on some talk show and tell the whole world about their nightmare, as if somehow they'd get revenge. This mentality leaves the poor soul that might be able to relate to their insanity to conclude that life was just not worth living.

Too many children are turning on their parents, and families members are killing one another off, or would like to. The sense of hopelessness is permeating the airwaves!

I know we all have our "Junk Closets and Drawers," and that some are full ... Some more than others. No one on earth has been left unscathed. Does this give us a right to put our junk on the street ... for all to see if we are not trying to HELP one another?

There's a very old story that goes something like this:

A great old man planted a vineyard. When he drank some of its wine, he became drunk and lay uncovered inside his tent. The youngest son entered the room ... Saw his father's nakedness and ran to tell his two brothers outside and people on the street. The older two sons took a garment and laid it across their shoulders, and walked backward and covered their father's nakedness. Their faces were turned the other way, so that they would not see their father's nakedness. When the old man awoke and found out what his youngest son had done, he spoke a cursed on his son. "The lowest of slaves you will he be to your brothers." The old man also spoke blessings on the two older sons. All three sons knew their father was drunk and naked, but the two older sons loved their father and respected him, but most of all they loved God.

God also blessed those two young men, and their seed of generations to come. The one with the need to exploit, that had run to put this on the street ... Was curse by God. This one son's seed of generations to come, would be cursed all the way to this very day. The young man was telling the truth, His father was drunk and yes, he was naked. Yet God hated the rebellious disrespect practiced by the son; more than he was interested in what his father had done. Right or wrong, it is God's job to deal with our families deep dark secrets. It is not ours to avenge.

This father was Noah.

( * The Bible, Genesis 9:19-27)

There is never a beneficial purpose if you're just in the exploiting and exposing business. It will only bring curses on your own life. That was not an untrue story. It's principle holds true today. The reason why you should share with others is to become their lifeline and help lead them gently out of their pit, not to pull them back down in it ... Stepping on them every step of the way.

God delivers each of us that trust in Him. He doesn't tell us to forget; he just tells us to

Forgive doesn't not mean forget! I learned in my college psychology classes ... that those that "do forget" are haunted with shadows of deep psychoses. Thousands of psychiatrists have patients that are being treated to rediscover their suppressed memories before they can be healed.

We can be delivered from hate and from our transgressions ... However, sometimes we have been just as guilty as those we want to hate. To get forgiveness ... We simply must be able to exercise that same forgiveness towards others, no matter what. The eye opener is that we also get forgiven by others for our transgressions, by the "same measure" that we dole out.

Our new life and the old life from which we come ... now becomes our Testimony ... Not our dagger. People do not care to hear anyone boast how great their life is, if they have no clue of what they themselves are going through.

Don't waste your testimony in vengeance ... Trying to strike a pose. Rather take time to listen to yourselves, and to rearrange your hearts. It's time to cover our families with love and forgiveness. It's time to get those that are our perpetrators ... Real help.

On those exploiting talk shows, I do not recall anyone having a happy ending. I do not recall anyone having a positive solution. I do not recall hearing anyone ever say that they have forgiven their perpetrators, or that they have truly been set free. I do hear a lot of bitterness and hate that can only fester in their soul, becoming the very infection that seeks to destroy them. Here's my hand! Embrace it. Embark on this unforgettable journey and find your own amazing freedom!

Once you get to the place we are headed you will not have to pad the pockets of "Shrinks" or spend a lifetime taking mind altering psychotropic drugs. I tried that ... It does not work.
Don't worry about exposing your enemies, God's Word say: "Everything Covered ... Will Be Uncovered".

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Sally W said...

If the universe did start with a bang - when God loved and the angels sang - one of the sparks that flew - chased time to become you :) xaNax

Sally W said...

If the universe did start with a bang - when God loved and the angels sang - one of the sparks that flew - chased time to become you :) xaNax

Sally W said...

If the universe did start with a bang - when God loved and the angels sang - one of the sparks that flew - chased time to become you :) xaNax