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Fighting Menopause Blues - By Monalisa Hyden

Sudden change in personality

When was the first time you found yourself getting irritated by every small incident? Are you worried about the sudden change in your own personality? You used to be a loving, always smiling, and thriving. Are you in your 40’s? And you are now more prone to anxiety, depression, withdrawal from social activity, mood swing etc. Hang on! Do not come to any conclusion right away. The reason behind this could be the fluctuating hormone level due to menopause.

A natural phenomenon

Menopause is a natural phenomenon to every woman. As a woman ages, the supply of ova declines and menopause comes naturally after the supply of follicles has been depleted and menstruation ends completely. This results in the cessation of estrogen and progesterone hormones in a woman’s body. Woman goes through a change during menopause and perimenopausal years of her life experiencing symptoms like hot flashes, mood swing, vaginal dryness, sudden memory failure, insomnia, withdrawal, fatigue, excessive feeling of guilt and unworthiness, thoughts of suicide etc. Women consider these symptoms as a part of natural ageing process and do not try to overcome the adversaries of life. A myth, menopause causes loss of sexual desire in a woman, also plays an important role in her depression.

Thank God! Depression is treatable!

But why should you suffer silently when you have a solution for menopause and midlife depression? Depression can be a serious disease which can lead to more severe physical as well as mental complications. Depression increases the possibility of heart attack, blood pressure and can be responsible for loss of bone mineral density. Depression can be treated by many ways like certain effective antidepressant pills like Xanax which are essential for mild to moderate depression patients, therapies, changes in diet, alternative medicines, and herbal medicines. At the same time, family support, emotional support from the partner, daily physical exercise, taking care of sleep, and doing something related your hobbies would give wonderful results to a woman suffering from menopause syndrome.

Easy way to a better life

Menopause symptom during the midlife can be handled incorporating some easy practices in the daily routine. A woman should take it as a challenge which can be as exciting as her youthful times. Here we go...

Forget the ideas that with menopause, a woman lose sexual desire. Actually, a woman’s desire for sex depends upon her partner’s interest. You can have sex without the fear of getting pregnant. So enjoy the freedom from contraceptives.

If you sense that the vaginal dryness during the intercourse, use lubricant or cream.

If you are gaining weight, a healthy diet plan and regular exercise would do the magic for you.

Take more calcium and B vitamin and avoid caffeine, alcohol, refined sugar and chocolate.

Communicate with your partner regarding your emotional and physical problems.

Keep in touch with your near and dear ones. Contact your female friends; they can give you good emotional elevation.

Ask for help if you are finding it difficult to take care of your grown up children and the elder members of your family at the same time.

Take out some time and engage yourself in some activities you always liked but could not; may be your long forgotten hobbies.

To help sleeping disorder, take a warm bubble bath before going to bed, take a glass of warm milk or a glass of wine (only one glass please). Consult your doctor before taking any sleeping pill or anti-depressant medicines like Xanax.

Count your blessings. Think of the people around who care for you and think of good times.

Identify the factor which is keeping you under stress. Do not over expect from yourself, be practical. Set priorities and work accordingly.

Go for regular health checkups. Keep an eye on your blood pressure, heart and blood sugar condition.

Meditation for 30 to 60 minutes on daily basis will help you immensely.

Life has given you another chance to live…

Menopause is not the end of your life, o woman. You have accomplished the duty of giving birth to human progeny and raised them. Life after menopause is for the contentment of the long-forgotten woman within you; a fair chance to live for your own self, up to your expectations. One chapter is closed and a new chapter awaiting…it’s only you, who will decide what to write.

The author, Monalisa Hyden, addresses psychological issues. If you wish to help yourself and your loved ones to fight emotional problems, you can log on to for more information and advice.

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