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Depression in Children - Milos Pesic

The causes of depression are many. It cannot be restricted to a particular age group. Even among small children, the problem of depression can be quite persistent and usually interferes with the normal or regular course of behavior of the child.

Depression not only affects adults, it affects children as well. Children who suffer from depression can be treated using medications and counseling techniques. A child is considered depressed when feelings of depression are ongoing and interfere with the normal behavior of the child.

Children are quite sensitive, and the level or risk of depression is quite high among them, especially when they experience a sudden loss or cannot learn or pay attention to a particular thing. The problem of depression in children and teenagers is often hereditary and affects children whose family has a long history of the problem. If you see a continuous withdrawal from normal daily activities of the child or even signs of sadness, boredom, or low self-esteem, you must immediately consult a doctor, as these are the symptoms of depression. A child is not a good communicator. There are many things that your child might want to express but cannot. Sometimes they may even attempt suicide or other self-destructive behavior. So, if you notice any such marked difference in his or her behavior, you should immediately go for diagnoses and find the root cause of the problem.

Depression in children and teenagers must be treated as a disease and should be diagnosed as early as possible. It requires continuous medical attention, and counseling at medical and family levels is a must. Depression among children and teenagers is often treated with cognitive behavioral therapy and interpersonal psychotherapy. Selective serotonin uptake inhibitors like Prozac and Zoloft are often considered to be the most effective strategies in dealing with symptoms of depression prevalent among children and teenagers.

Depression at such a young age is not a good thing. One out of every five teen suffers from this problem of depression, and the reasons for this are quite unpredictable. Since teenage years are quite sensitive years, it is very necessary that parents keep an eye on their children rather than leaving them to live the life they want.

A sudden change in the mood, appetite, or weight in children and teenagers is one of the root causes of depression. Usually, they show a lack of interest from their normal course of activities. The sudden loss of a near or dear one can aggravate the problem of depression. The problem worsens when these young minds start blaming themselves for the existing conditions, and it is here where one should handle them with utmost care. They tend to withdraw themselves from the social world and stay in a world of their own, which is anything but normal.

Depression in children and teenagers can be life-threatening, and medical and professional help should be sought as quickly as possible. Treatment for depression at an early stage ensures speedy recovery; otherwise, the problem worsens with time. Help these young minds to get back to their life by showing them that you care.

Depression among teenage boys often results in aggressive behavior or some actions which are not acceptable to the society or to the law at large. Among girls, it is mainly self-destructive behavior and suicidal thoughts. It is obvious that parents naturally do get upset and sometimes even irritated by these activities of their children. But this only worsens the problem. The parents should know that there is help available and there is absolutely no harm in consulting a medical expert to treat this disease of depression.

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