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Fix your Depression by UDO VIETH

Unlike a bodily illness, which can simply be diagnosed and then pinpointed, depression literally eats away at us inside.

Being a mental matter, it is one of the most dominant, and so the most tricky state to overcome.
What about therapy?

This is the common treatment technique. Years and years later, many patients, acquire some release. The total abolishment of depression, is nonetheless rarely totally eradicated by therapy only. The therapists are doing everything they know how and have been taught, but often it is not enough.

Drugs to the rescue?

Now I am a strong anti-drug crusader- but, in this particular example, I must to give in that on the road to recovery, drugs could have some small part to play. Let me directly declare that I am completely opposed to the taking of drugs to mask a symptom, instead of eliminating the source.

Nevertheless, reflect on the following analogy:

We are frequently taken down the way to curing by the motivation and conviction that healing is to a large extent an internal mental conditioning procedure. In a way this is alike to someone wanting to be taught to sprint, after he has only been walking up to now in his life. For a ordinary realistically well person this is quite achievable. By means of gradual coaching, and developing a step by step technique of evolution most everybody may run. So you could say to the potential runner, get up and run. If the incentive is there, the skills will be acquired and the individual will be trained to run.

But what if that person had a fractured leg. I imagine you will concur that no matter how motivated the potential runner is, the leg would first have to cure, before any improvement can be made.

Equate this to someone suffering from depression.

He is told, to mentally focus on the thought processes that will raise him out of the depression. But - if he is too deeply into the depressive condition, actual chemical imbalances have occurred in his brain. Just like the sprinter with the broken leg, he just cannot get his thoughts into the right channels. In this situation, a medicine could be necessary. Once the chemical imbalance is controlled, the right thought processes can progress, and the healing can start. Now I wish to repeat again, that staying on those substance crutches (drugs), is not going to help anyone except for the drug companies' accountants. You still need to take accountability for your circumstances and allow internal healing to proceed.

Fix your depression.

You need to recognize that at some level, whether knowingly or sub-consciously, you got yourself into this position of depression. So it is also in your control to get yourself out of this state. Realising this, and accepting this responsibility is the greatest stride on the way to conquering your problem. Observe the word responsibility - it has concealed within it response -and ability. So the minute you recognize that you are responsible, is the same minute that you realise that you have the power to respond to the circumstances, you are capable to respond. This is a critical step, that is so frequently overlooked in so many things in life. It is so simple, yet time and again so hard to implement.

Understand and believe your way to happiness.

OK that's quite a mouthful. Dr. Wayne Dyer, a well recognized writer and philosopher most likely said it best in the title of his book "You'll see it when you believe it" So what has this all got to do with depression and disease? That declaration from the good Dr. Dyer truly unlocks the key to some of life's greatest secrets, including healing.

You see, devoid of the conviction that you can and will cure, your mind, does such a wonderful job of keeping you where you are, that it is scary. Without going into too much detail at this time, you have to to appreciate something about your functioning as a human being. Yes, you are computer controlled - by the most powerful computer acknowledged to man - your mind. The trouble is frequently, wrong programming of this computer. But this is a topic for a further discussion.

For now, realise that unless you are able to adapt the programming of your mind (computer) away from what caused your current depression, you will just rebuild the identical condition over and over again. The most powerful way to steer clear of this happening, is to believe in the fresh programming, and recognize the reality of change in the future. This will guide your mind gradually into the correct thought processes away from depression, to shape the change you are looking for. Without this acceptance, you may never find out the exact programming necessary to manifest the change you desire. If you close yourself off mentally, no new and more suited information (eg programming) can get in. Become open minded, focus on your desired outcome, and let the information come to you. Struggle and fighting with the incorrect weapons, is futile and will merely irritate you.

There is a huge quantity of information, and explanations that cover this subject matter, and those will be topics of future articles.

For now, become response - able, and believe!

Let the contentment you warrant stream into your life. You have the understanding of at least one main factor in the determination of your general happiness, if you read this far. You deserve to be happy! Udo Vieth is a qualified quantum therapist, advanced EFT and REIKI practitioner. See for more.

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