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Natural cure for depression by DR RAO

Depression is a common disorder in every one. This happens when we miss something or someone really we need. This is considered as one of the chronic disease as if the person goes deeper then he is addicted to many problems or the diseases to his body. Ya truly to say this life is filled with some good times and some bad times, happiness and sorrow, ups and downs. But we feel very bad when we are not getting the thing which is needed. But if this prolongs for more time then it makes up difficulty in the functioning of our daily life. Our life will be filled with blues and we are addicted to the clinical depression a serious and which is away from the common medical illness. But this clinical depression is a common, real and a curable one. For more information meet: dr jack Some of the basic facts for this clinical depression are major depressive disorder, maniac depression and dysthymia, a milder. This depression is in such way that the common people loose their daily pleasure which in turn to the complicated in their medical conditions and sometimes even make turn themselves to suicide. This is caused to any one without the difference of age and or race or sex or health condition. It is not a normal part of life. Many people think that this depression is not a serious illness and they can be cured without any medical treatment.

This depression also enters the life in such a way that it makes difficult for a person to work, to study, eat and enjoy once the pleasurable activities. This does not occur once it can occur any times in life. But the treatment is needed for it so that it may not become serious illness.
There are some types of depression like major depression, dysthymia, bipolar disorder and others. But the conditions of the health changes in these types of depression disorder.

Some of the symptoms of this depression are: • persistent sad, anxious or empty mood, • feeling of hopelessness, pessimism, • feeling of guilt, worthlessness or helplessness, loss of interest in the hobbies and the activities that were once enjoyed, • decreased energy, fatigue, slowed down, • difficulty in concentrating, making decisions, remembering • insomnia that is early morning awakening and over night sleeping • appetite or weight loss/ weight gain • thoughts of suicide or death, and also sometimes attempts to suicide also • restlessness or irritability • Some of the other conditions are headache, digestive disorder or chronic pain. This depression can be completely stopped and get safe treatment from herbal and natural supplements are mist power full and miracle cure for depression.

There are many causes for this depression. This depression may start at any place that is at family, working place, school or at any place. In some of the families this depression seems to occur generation after generation or the people who does not have any family history of depression. But this depressive disorder is associated with the changes in brain structure or brain function. People who have low self- esteem or who think that they are stressed by this world then these people are more vulnerable to this disease. In recent years the researches have shown that the physical changes in the body can be accompanied by mental changes as well. If the person is suffering with any of the chronic disease then he is surely addicted to this depression. It is said that the man if he is addicted with sadness and gloom then he is at initial stage. But this must not go deeper as he will become abnormal from his daily activities. So, he should get treated at its initial stage. He may get upset for the small things but these should not contribute as a major part for his depression disease. There is good news for this disease that it can be healed with the proper treatment given by the physician whom you consult for the treatment.

This clinical depression is a treatable disease. Many people have who ever have been suffered by this disease are healed. The treatment depends on the condition, pattern and severity of the illness, its persistence and the history of the illness. If it is in its initial stage it would be alleviated than it turns into serious reoccurrence. IF you are suffering with the symptoms of the clinical depression then it is must that this should be treated by a physician or a qualified mental health profession before it takes a long way for curing of it. This clinical depression can be cured with the counseling if needed. But if it is really higher then it is better to turn your attention towards the natural and herbal treatment which have been proved as miraculous and marvelous improvements in heal of the suffer. These natural remedies are good as they do not harm and treat us as soon as possible. The primary thing what you can do is you can consult the doctor as early as possible. The check ups that are needed should be regularly as it should be narrowed at its first stage. Keeping oneself with enthusiasm and being away with the tiredness. To have confidence in doing the works which are daily activities or others? This depression can be helped when we encourage the people to get active in their work, thinking and all the factors. He should have a loved atmosphere that can cure the disease. Dr Jack is a Conventionally Trained Western Medical Doctor from India and fellow of American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP). He is also trained in traditional supplements since the age of 5 years to practice complimentary alternate supplements. More information contact: dr jack.

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Candice Creelman said...

Great Post!

It's nice to see someone promoting a more natural approach to depression. I get so tired of doctors that immediately want to push drugs on you without trying other options first. I've been dealing with depression and anxiety since I was a kid.

Myself, I tend to have very bad reactions to depression and anxiety medications (one that ended me up in the hospital) so I can't use them.

I find for myself that what works best is using a form of energy healing called Reiki (I'm a Reiki Master and Teacher), along with meditation, visualization, etc. It works great without all of the nasty side effects.

Not to say that all cases of depression and anxiety would be fully "cured", but it sure helps. I still fall into depression and anxiety from time to time, but if I remember to use what I teach my students, I can pull myself out of it. If that doesn't work, I have a great councelor.

I actually wrote an ebook on self-healing that has a lot of the techniques that I've learned along the way and a lot that I've created myself. (see the link below if you're interested)

Anyway. That's my "2 cents" worth. Hope it helps someone out there...