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Would you Recognize Manic Depression Symptoms? - Mark J Emslie

Manic Depression is a serious medical illness and it is not something that you have made up in your head or something you can just "snap" out of. Most people think that depression is just a prolonged bad mood which it is not; it is a mood disorder that influences every aspect of daily life.

Manic depression is these days referred to as bipolar disorder or bipolar depression an the disease affects around 2% of the population and is a highly disruptive brain disorder. People with manic depression symptoms experience great highs (manic stage) and great lows (depressive stage).

Manic Stage Symptoms

- An Increased sense of self


- An inflated positive outlook

- A notably decreased need for sleep

- A reduction in appetite and weight loss

- Reduced concentration and easily distracted

- Extreme involvement in pleasurable activities

- Extreme irritability and aggressive behaviour

Depressive Stage Symptoms

- Feelings of sadness or despondency

- A loss of interest in pleasurable or usual activities

- Difficulty sleeping or getting up in the morning

- Reduced energy and constant lethargy

- Feelings of guilt or low self-esteem

- Problems concentrating

- Increased weight or weight loss

- Suicidal or death talk

As is the case for many mental illnesses, the causes of the manic depression symptoms aren't at all clear, although there are inherited components with there being evidence that genes play a role in susceptibility to manic depression symptoms and that it tends to run in families, but not always.

Depression is frequently ignored or untreated but the condition itself often prevents people from taking steps to help themselves. The first step in beating depression is though, to admit it. Look at the manic depression symptoms and be hones with yourself.

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