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Depression... Effecting 20 Million Women And Counting - Ryan Puusaari

Depression is very common, particularly in women. In fact, about 15% of women will take antidepressants at some point in their lifetimes, with an unknown number of women who never seek help for their depression. Some women simply feel that they can handle it on their own, without the help of a counselor or medication- and others may not realize that the symptoms they are experiencing are depression.

Many people wrongly believe that depression is just the feeling of sadness, or crying all the time. Other symptoms of depression in women include losing interest in the activities that you used to enjoy, difficulty sleeping, weight loss or weight gain, difficulty concentrating and/or sleeping, and social isolation as well as having a lack of energy. Any of these symptoms, either experienced alone or in combination with more than one of the symptoms, can indicate depression.

When a woman begins to experience depression symptoms, they are faced with many complications. Women who are the primary childcare providers of their children will have special challenges related to depression and childcare. What happens to the children when the mom is experiencing periods of crying, or out of control mood swings for example? It adds additional stress to the women, which can contribute to the depression symptoms.

The good news is that most depression is easily treated with a combination of medical treatment and psychotherapy treatment. While there are some minor side effects with most antidepressant medication, most are easier to deal with than the depression symptoms. The most difficult challenge for most women who begin taking antidepressants is that it takes a good month before the medication is effective- but during that time you may experience the side effects. So a woman may feel like the medication isn’t helping, and only adding new problems and concerns. Giving medication a chance to work is a must in order to help overcome feelings of depression.

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