Monday, February 20, 2006

Depression - Sexual Urges Rejected - By Kacy Carr

Each and every one of us has had our fair share of ups and downs in life. Trivial little things can trigger off emotional upsets but it is how we cope with the cause behind those stressful moments that matter. Ups and downs do not last forever because after the (Down the only way is Up).

How do you compare depression against that of ups and downs is there any similarities? Yes. Ups and downs are just that, where as depression has its ups and downs in a way that it turns your whole world Upside Down.

Depression is a psychological problem and depending on how serious the symptoms medical attention maybe necessary. Clinical depression can damage your health where lack of sleep is a main factor for chronic fatigue settling in. Bouts of depression can have devastating affects on a patient trying to lead a normal life due to different mood swings which interfere with their normal daily activities. Those feelings can be of sadness/loneliness and dysphoria. The lack of concentration is a major holdback for a person suffering from depression especially when decision making is involved.

Behaviour in sufferers with depression can dramatically change causing major havoc to their daily way of thinking or doing. Common occurring mood swings can consist of uncontrollable anger outbursts or anti social emotions. Social withdrawal can lead to loneliness where living like a recluse is the only option to deal with the depression. This is not the solution.

Sexual urges that were once placed high up on your daily list of pleasurable thoughts can be reduced to a level of near non existence therefore this can cause your partner to feel rejected (Not in all cases) Medication is there for the taking, help is there for the taking, so why not take it. It may not cure but it certainly helps combat stress and anxiety.

Awareness of just how serious depression can be if it reaches a certain level has to be addressed immediately. Check out how this disorder has or is still destroying lives. With the right treatment and medication you can still hold onto life.

Due to the similarity of symptoms to ups and downs and depression has led to a lot of heartache. Sadly to say life was not worth living for some whose ups and downs turned out to be depression which scaled to a height as high UP like that of a mountain and then to come DOWN to earth with a bump where they are to sleep forever.

It is our own depressed state of mind that hampers our efforts in finding the true cause and cure.

We pill pop to take away the pain, why? We turn a deaf ear to advice. Why? Instead of looking for the answer to how it all started we intend to deal with the pain that comes with depression why? Because like I said it is our own depressed state of mind that hampers our efforts in finding the true cause and cure.

Not sure if you are coming or going thats fine we all get into a state where we get flustered and do silly things but the silliest thing you could ever do is ignore the comings and goings of your ups and downs because it just maybe the start of depression so please talk to your doctor.

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