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Female Depression - By Yana Mikheeva

is considered that women suffer from depression much more often, than men, and it’s more difficult for them to overcome this condition. Experts pick out 8 most popular kinds of female depression.

1. Post-natal

It is observed during several months right after childbirth. This kind of depression is caused by sharp changes in life style, constant dependence from other person and sense of increased responsibility. Often it’s very difficult for a young mother to blend with her new role quickly and correctly.

Way of struggle: don’t try to subdue yourself or play a role of a loving mother. This is quite normal, if you don’t sense any feelings towards your baby at first. There is time for everything. Now you have to get used to new changes and enter a new rhythm of life. And you will learn to cope with a role of mother with time, and you will do this very well. Don’t refuse from your relatives’ help. You need time to come to your senses after returning from maternity hospital.

2. Age-dependent

As a rule, women of climacteric age suffer from it. During this period, a hormonal background of organism changes, and quite often depressive condition is observed. Coming of menopause also brings a strong psychological pressure, and this may unsettle a woman.

Way of struggle: coming of climacteric does not mean the approaching of old age at all. Nobody knows about changes happened in you, except yourself. Cessation of menstruation is an absolutely natural process for a female organism, and you should not make a tragedy out of it. So, try not to change your previous way of life. Don’t also forget about hormonal therapy’s possibilities. You just should consult your doctor for sure.

3. Monthly

This kind of depression is also called premenstrual. Depressive condition can be observed as shortly before menstruation, as during or right after it, everything depends on a certain organism’s peculiarities.

Way of struggle: you will have no place to hide from monthly depression. Most likely, you have already noticed long ago, in which days of your cycle you can hardly control yourself. Try to relieve these days a little beforehand, don’t plan anything important and stay at home, if you can. It is not out of place to consult a gynaecologist: you may need a hormone replacement therapy or vitamin course.

4. Exhaustion

It is also called a depression of chronic tiredness. It is observed, when a woman overestimates her strengths and has increased responsibility for the duties she assumes. If you don’t alternate work with rest, then a moment comes, when you already cannot carry out previous volume of work and suffer because of this.

Way of struggle: you need a full rest, and you will not do with one day off. You need to get away from your work not only physically, but also mentally. And try to observe daily regimen after vacation, and don’t start working in intensive rhythm. You need to learn planning your powers, to be able to function constantly.

5. Reactive

Or, as it is also called, a depression of loss. It is caused by death of our close people. Many people think that they quarreled with their close ones shortly before their death or harmed their close people and did not manage to win forgiveness. Most serious cases are those when a person blames himself directly or marginally in his close person’s death.

Way of struggle: Try to understand that death is a natural and irreversible process. You need to accept it as inevitability as soon as possible. Don’t suppress your emotions, cry and scream, if you want. Believers find support in confession or just visit a church. Atheists can find help visiting psychotherapist. And the main thing is to remember that there’re still many close people who need you.

6. Dissatisfaction

At that, dissatisfaction can be both of sexual character and psychological one. When one suppresses any of his wishes too violently, then dissatisfaction is saved inside and leads to depression.

Way of struggle: of course, it’s better to satisfy all needs of your organism in time. But sometimes it’s impossible. If you suffer from sexual dissatisfaction, try to understand that love and sex are 2 different things. And you should not refuse from one, if you don’t have other. You also should not forget about a possibility of self-fulfillment. If you suffer from psychological dissatisfaction, it’s useful to keep a diary, where you will write all your unvoiced thoughts and feelings. By the way, paper is a very good interlocutor. It will not ever interrupt you and tell your secrets to anybody.

7. Medical

It is caused by excessive, not controlled by a doctor, taking of some medical preparations. In general, these are soporifics and especially demulcents, affecting central nervous system.

Way of struggle: firstly, you need to quit self-treatment and take any, even most harmless, preparations only under your doctor’s control. Secondly, if you were prescribed antidepressants, you need to keep to a diet closely. Many antidepressants lose their effect interacting with some foodstuff. Alcohol is categorically contra-indicated during treatment. Any alcoholic drinks, when combined with antidepressants, can cause sharp defects of cardiovascular system work. It’s almost impossible to cure medical depression without assistance. So, if you have found some depressive symptoms in you, consult a doctor immediately.

8. Circumstances

As a rule, it appears under most insignificant irritating factors in seared and psychically unstable people. Anything can serve as a reason of depressive condition: bad weather, good weather, discomfort conditions of life, TV news and any sounds.

Way of struggle: in this case, you will hardly cope with depressive condition by yourself. Most likely, as soon as you liquidate one irritating factor, another one will appear at once. And you will keep on going this way endlessly. So, it’s preferable to consult professionals for help. A professional will not only save you from a momentary depressive condition, but also will find a real reason of your psychological disorder.

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