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Fighting Child Depression Naturally - Pam Brown

Unfortunately, the symptoms of depression in kids may not be too evident therefore, as a parent, is important to be vigilant and watch for symptoms such as social withdrawal, irritability, apathy, sleep and eating problems, lack of interest in activities that were enjoyed in the past, chronic fatigue and deterioration in schoolwork, which can be an indication of sadness and depression in children.

Childhood depression can be caused by a number of things... There are plenty of conditions in which the mentality of a child is just not ready to deal with; this makes them more vulnerable for depression than adults that undergo the same level of stresses.

Causes of Depression in Children

** Stress. Believe it or not, stress is one of the largest problems. Children have not learned how to handle stress and it is likely that they will not be able to unless they are given the necessary help. Too much to do at school, home, extra curriculum courses and a part time job can all lead to depression.

** Family conflict. Children do not blame others for their family’s problems; they turn the blame onto themselves. If mom and dad are fighting it must be because of something he did. This type of worry can turn into depression quickly.

** Learning problems and emotional strain are two more things that can lead a child down the road to serious depression.

** Parents that are depressed. Those children that only see and witness depression are going to use that as their means as well of dealing with life. In fact, it can be a learned behaviour in some cases.

How to Treat it?

Now that you know the possible causes of children and adolescent depression, take a look at a few things that can be done.

In many occasions and depending on the severity of the case, doctors will resort to only treating teens and younger children with psychological therapy. Also, there are medications that can be given to a child for depression, like Prozac, but there are risks associated with taking this type of medication. Warnings have been issued about suicide potential during treatment with this prescription drug.

On the other hand, fortunately there are some natural remedies for child depression. One of the most common and beneficial methods for treating depression naturally is through the use of an herb called St. John’s Wort.

The British Medical Journal has found that the use of this herb to fight off depression has been just as beneficial to some as that of anti depressant medication. St. John’s Wort is one of the natural remedies that can help fight depression.

There is another safe and effective herb that can help a child recover from depression. To learn more about this visit: natural remedies for child depression.

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