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Treatments for Depression and Learning Disabilities - Greg Culver

Most of the people are unaware about the depression and learning disabilities but these diseases are very common. Children who suffer from learning disabilities suffer with common pressures of everyday living. They either cannot speak fluently or are unable to take stress or are not competent enough to take care of their health and bodies.

Most of such patients that suffer from depression and learning disabilities come in the category of retarded people. Depression is termed as a form of retard ness because patients suffer from chemical imbalances, insufficient nutrition’s, emotional scaring, childhood traumas and many more such factors. Positive influences, miscommunications and lack of education are the root causes for learning disabilities.

More than enough caring the patients suffering with problems like depression and learning disabilities also adds to the problem. You immediately contact a professional for help if you find anyone around you who is suffering from symptoms of depression and learning disabilities. The symptoms of such people are unhappiness, feelings of despair, suicidal tendencies, lack of enthusiasms while playing and negative thinking.

The diseases such as depression should be taken proper care of without any carelessness as it may prove fatal. Some people who suffer from depression or learning disabilities consume drugs or alcohol to sooth themselves but it only adds up to the problem.

It’s not only so that patients of depression and learning disabilities are danger for themselves as in some cases their lack of interest, behaviors and fatigue could result in criminal prosecution. Such patients need support to cope with stress they have in their minds due to several factors such as debts, deaths in the family etc.

Recent studies have shown that the use of Prozac, for the treatment of such patients have side affects. These side affects may create more problems instead of removing them. What I believe is that such patients need support and someone to take care of them. A little attention to such people can be of great help to them. Most of the patients of depression and learning disabilities search for answers of their questions regarding their problems but no one help them. You must never tell the patients of such problems that their emotions are unreal as it would enhance the problem. You must recognize the problem and try to eradicate it.

A labeled person is even more depressed as people look at him with a different eye. If you are suffering from depression or any such disability then the best way is to accept your disability as a recognized problem is half solved problem. But there are patients that disagree to accept that the problem exists, in such cases it is the duty of the professionals to help them. Deal with each and every symptoms one by one, eradicating all problems. Problem arises when professionals try to cure the patient with medicine and effective therapy to experiment which works faster.

Patients who are diagnosed as the sufferers of schizophrenia, antipsychotic, and other related diagnosis are usually prescribed Ziprasidone, but this medicine has side-effects such as glucose or sugar level is affected, blood pressure levels, Neuroleptic Malignant Syndrome, promotes involuntary movement disorder etc. Most of the risks involved are connected to the central nervous system that may prove fatal for treatment of such patients as their nervous system is not to be hindered in any case to avoid further problems. is a Health and Medicine site dedicated to providing quality articles and information. Click through for more articles.

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