Saturday, October 28, 2006

Dealing With Postpartum Depression Panic Attacks - Kum Martin

One out of every eight women suffers from postpartum depression, and many have panic attacks. Here are some things to try when you think you having a panic attack. Firstly try to distract yourself and remind yourself that your body is only tricking you. Wait before taking any actions, even if you feel like you should. You should feel the fear rise and fall, and when that happens you will better be able to identify and conquer it in the future. Rehearse your panic attacks so that you are more ready for them when they do come. Try identifying what you can do, rather than how you feel, and step outside yourself to give you better grounding.

Remain in the present instead of allowing feelings from the past or fear of the future to control you. Don’t be afraid of the fear. Exercise can be quite useful in long term coping, as it releases valuable endorphins and reduces muscle tension. Social contact associated with exercise is also quite healthy and gives a mother an additional support network she can rely on. It can also help improve a mother’s self image, boosting her confidence and alleviating fear. Overall, remember that a panic attack by itself it not dangerous. It is simply a misplaced, biology induced feeling that it is possible to conquer. Rely on the people you love and trust, and but do not self medicate. Self medicating can also pass drugs along to your baby through breast milk so it is best avoided.

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