Thursday, October 26, 2006

Does A Powerful Self Image Keep Depressive Illness At Bay ? Part 1 - By Christopher Ruane

A powerful self image comes with a self-control treatment program which consists of the following :

Observe Yourself In the viewpoint of a depressed person, depression usually seems to come for no apparent reason and from nowhere at all. Research has been clearly presented that positive events or activities lead to positive moods, while negative events lead to depression.

The depressed person should accept that this is so, amidst having depressed feelings out from nowhere. So rate your mood on a subjective 1 to 10 degree and keep a record every day of positive events. It is likely that your mood will be a reflection of what is currently happening in your life.

People with depression symptoms focus more on negative events of their lives and neglect or overlook positive ones.They are not aware of this situation and don't know they are doing this.So, it is for your advantage to know the importance of what is happening in your life everyday.

To do this, you must look for and record all daily events and activities, even little, trivial pleasant ones. It is very important for you to learn again and see the wonderful greatness this world has to offer.

Feel the invigorating atmosphere and smell the flowers. Don't forget usual things like sipping a cup of coffee, assisting someone, taking a walk, watching a bird, reading a book, taking children to school, watching your favorite program, reading an advice column, going shopping, listening to music, making yourself attractive, visiting a friend, completing chores, playing with children, playing sports, expressing an opinion, getting a long kiss, getting or giving a compliment, and the act of smiling. Put this in your record book or so-called diary with a brief description of these pleasant events.

You should observe if your disposition doesn't go up and down according to how many pleasant events occurred that day. If so, this is a motivating push to increase the number of pleasant events and experiences in your life and to appreciate the nice things that happen for each and everyone of us. You may start to view the very negative experiences much less and keep away from the path towards depressive illness and the accompanying symptoms of depression
Using this advice, you can have your simplified version of a "behavioral analysis" in which you would look for the previous situations and consequences of good and bad moods. Your objective in doing this is to find cause and affect relationships that can be used to boost your spirits and reduce depression.

Take One Small Step at a Time Some depressed people get disappointed when their desire for a better outcome results to disappointments. One main reason is because their expectations overshadow the essential details of how to get there.

Impractical anticipations, like having your grade as all A's, may also lead to frustration and a low self-esteem. Thus, it is important to learn to have a well-defined plan, to set realistic goals and expectations, and to have some success experiences. It is valuable to be satisfied with small rewards and blessings.

Thus, you must make a decision on some practical, possible, important self-help project that will boost your confidence and vitality, such as working out to have a stunning body figure, increased exposure to people, learning to play basketball, spending more time alone with your spouse, or anything for that matter.

Then, for each project goal set many clear and reachable sub-goals (small steps), perhaps things you could do every day. Schedule your time, prioritize your tasks, and do all your best to become successful. Jot down your progress in a diary or record book, along with the positive outcomes.

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